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Building memories, one experience at a time!

Your Group Tour Organizer to Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Greece,
 Malta, Spain, Portugal, and Mediterranean!


Tailor-made tours for your group. Our staff, with their intimate knowledge, can offer expert advice on the itineraries and tours that are fitting for your group.

Group Accommodation
Choose from budget hotels to 5-star luxury.

Mediterranean Travel
Special Interest Group Tours

Whatever your special interest, there is a tour
for your group.

Theme Tours
Tell us your favorite event, we'll take you there.

Up to date Vehicles
A fleet of over 100 vehicles including everything from 15 seat maxi-wagons, to full size luxury buses.

We can provide tour group staff speaking French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Greek and Japanese, as well as English!

Great Group Cruise and Tour Leaders
You can lead your own group with our support or ... Anemos Groups' tour staff are fully trained to handle all types of groups and situations, and provide a professional service to ensure your group tour is safe, interesting and fun!

Group Cruise Travel Organizer
Any activity, anywhere can be planned.

Become a group travel organizer to Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Spain or any Mediterranean destination in 5 easy steps:

FREE travel:

When you organize a group of 15 or more, your trip could be with substantial discounts or free!

Ask us for a discounted rate for your small group and we'll prepare a complete proposal for your destination.
Discounts for companions or cash bonuses!

The more people that travel with you, the bigger the discount your group will receive. If you prefer, it can be arranged for a cash bonus, for each additional group participant (over your original group amount).

Book Your Group and Save!  Family Reunions Wedding - Cruise Groups Student Groups Church Groups Clubs & Associations Themed Groups Any Group!

How would you like to travel or cruise for Free? You can by organizing a group of friends, relatives, your company, organization, association, church, school or club.

Step 1: Select destination and theme: Where and when do you think your group would like to travel?

Step 2: Enlist group participants: Who better than your friends as travel companions or fellow workers, community center, alumni, country club ... you get the picture - talk to everyone.

Step 3: Get everyone together: Just before your meeting, we'll finalize all your plans, flights, insurance with you.

Step 4: Make reservations: review all reservation forms and make sure they are complete and signed. After payment is received and all the reservations processed  you receive confirmations as do your group participants, with final Itinerary!

Step 5: How to get more travelers: Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool, so encourage your group participants to talk to their friends, family and co-workers.

Follow up, follow up and follow up again.
Contact people who attended the meeting but have not yet submitted a reservation form. They may have questions about the tour that you can easily answer. Some groups might want to hold regular meetings, say once a month, to help them prepare for the trip.


To find out more, contact us with your destination and number of travelers.

If you’d like to get started on your group cruise or tour, all you need is to email or call!




Book Your Private Group & Go Free


Up to 25% Off Early Booking for Groups!






Travelers Bonus
20 - 25 1 free land (25th passenger receives free land)
25 - 40 You travel Free! - 1 free land and air from group’s domestic departure city.
40 - 45 1 free land-only & 1 free land and air: You travel for Free!
45 - 50 2 free land and air from group’s domestic departure city. Two travel free!
Perks increase as your travelers do.

Above promotion is available for all Groups.


Free travel is an option for the leader of a group that gathers at least 25 people and works on getting them together for a specific trip. That means you are encouraged as any traveler, teacher or instructor with a dream destination to consider organizing your own group.

Our Group Counselor will work with you on organizing your group. We will handle all the details for you. Each member of your group gets the same personal service and attention just as if they had booked a tour or cruise on their own. Only in this case they save money. Sometimes hundreds of dollars off the brochure price. We can even provide your group with a Free web page to start promoting your cruise or tour!


Customized Group Itineraries: We specialize in tailor made tours for all kinds of groups. Anemos Tours can arrange an exclusive itinerary to suit any budget or interest including religious, student, corporate incentive and cultural tours. Our staff, with their intimate knowledge, can offer expert advice on the itineraries and tours that are right for your group.
Great News: Anemos Tours is always happy to work with any person who wants to organize a group traveling to any destination. For example, let's say an uncle plans a 34-person family reunion (complete with kids) for a beachfront resort in Crete, highlighted by a couple days of boat-based snorkeling or cruising. Or maybe an office professional gathers 25 co-workers for a deluxe trip to Italy or the Greek Islands. With easygoing vacation trips of this sort, where technical liability is minimal, the group leader can enjoy the vacation with her/his colleagues and friends. Therefore, the group organizer can enjoy the same resort or vessel discounts offered to tour leaders, with almost no paperwork required. In most cases of large groups, after the group leader's trip is paid for, there still remains ample savings to share among all group members.

Group-tour leaders:

1. Send a brief cover letter stating your travel intentions, summarizing your international travel background, & your basic bio-data -- address, home & work phones, fax, E-mail, age, plus any health issues that may affect safety while on vacation. Please list the names & phone numbers.

2. Please cite the special destination you have chosen for your group trip. Also, provide Anemos Tours with a brief written plan for activities, including travel dates and interests.


Contact with: You can phone, fax or e-mail us your detailed ideas for a cruise or tour series, or even just a vague outline and get results! We will design a realistic trip within the group's budget.