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Yacht Cruises

   from: Athens, Crete, Rhodes and Red Sea    Departing weekly

Restore mind and body with a luxury yacht cruise vacation!

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Advantages of Small Ships: They go where large ships can not, to more intrinsic, less explored locations.

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Classical Dream from Athens


Minoan Voyage from Crete or Athens

Greek Islands Cyclades and Aegean Yachting


Greece and Turkey Power boat Cruises

Sailing Cruises for Couples and Singles     Greece & Turkey Voyage from Athens


Greek Isle Cruises

Yachts - Power Boats - Small ship cruises

Vintage Sailing the Greek Isles     Red Sea Yacht Cruising (Egypt & Jordan)

Greek Island Yachting from Athens

Red Sea Cruises - Egypt and Jordan


You may extend your trip by adding more hotel nights or any of a selection of  Land Tours!
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Luxury for less

An alternative to the mass tourism of the larger cruise ships-appealing not only to experienced cruisers looking for something different, but also to those who abhor the atmosphere and commercialism of big ship cruising. Here is your choice. Private Yachts are also available if you are a group.


Extensions are available for your Yacht Cruise vacation by enjoying a pre or post land tour. Your voyage can include hotel accommodations, sightseeing and other activities.

Car transfers available for guest arrival and departures.



Let’s face it, you work so hard -- your time away has to deliver the escape you need and the adventure that breathes new life into your existence. From the legendary isles of Cyclades, to Rhodes in the south-east Aegean or Corfu and the fabulous Ionian Islands, your Anemos vacation will offer an exciting variety of sailing conditions, superb vistas and memorable sightseeing.

Nowhere in the world is there a sailing area as rich in history and cultural significance as Greece. It is on these dazzling azure waters that sailors from all over the world rendezvous each year to share their passion for sailing, tracing the early voyages of ancient Greek explorers.

Archaeological sites abound -- many of them the traditional homes of mythological gods. Set sail on a voyage that is not only your own personal odyssey into history, but your own pleasure cruise through Greece's favorite places in the sun.

: Sailing or Motor Yachts can also be available for private group charter. Set up your own itinerary!

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