Southern Europe Please!

10 of the best Mediterranean activities

Do you want to visit Southern Europe? Tens of millions of us flock to the Mediterranean each year for the endless sunshine, incredible food, stunning landscapes, laid back lifestyles, and abundant culture. There’s also a lot of fun things to do, so what are the best Mediterranean activities you should try.

10 of the best Mediterranean activities

There is so much on offer when you visit Southern Europe that it helps to narrow down the options a little. So here are out top 10 activities in the Mediterranean.

Overland travel & island hopping

The most obvious way to experience the best of Southern Europe is to travel around it. Whether you travel by train, bus, car or boat the options are only limited by your time and budget. Travel independently, or book a tour with experts such as Anemos Tours.

Greek Island Hopping is one of the best ways to travel in the Med. Hop from island to island, exploring the incredible beauty of the Ionian, Dodecanese and Cyclades. Greek island hopping makes the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon destination too.