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Select from stylish tours to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan... or request your Vacation Planning for your chosen destinations!   Romance beyond the ordinary. Honeymoon Island Secrets, Cultural Cities and fine dining just for two. All personalized.   Choose preferences, interests, priorities for your Custom designed tour plans and most convenient travel itinerary.

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Specialized packages for family gatherings, sports teams, schools, religious events, specialty clubs, incentive travel and more.    Where to next?
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  Need somewhere to stay during your trip? We can help. Combine a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel with your package and save!

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Mediterranean Cruises
 Yacht Cruising with friends or family is the perfect island advanture. Choose a boat, from Sail to Fast, and sailing areas for your dates.    See all your favorite sites and cities, the Mediterranean Coast and Islands with ease and comfort. Experience by car!   Enjoy the Mediterranean with effortless travel. Cruises are a great way to see major sights at great value, unique cultures and destinations.


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