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Choose preferences, interests, priorities for your Custom designed tour plans and most convenient travel itinerary. Everyday millions of people use expert services to make happier and memorable travel arrangements. In short, a smarter journey experience.

But that is not all.  We offer more...

Customized Travel to Italy

We help you with expertly designed tour packages and provide services to travel even better.



Customised Honeymoon Plans

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Our travel agents, specializing in Mediterranean vacations, are passionate about sharing their own experiences of travel to each Mediterranean destination and embrace helping others just like you in planning a Mediterranean vacation. Our Mediterranean and  Europe travel agents will listen closely and utilize their travel expertise and partnerships with hotels and tour operators to create a dream vacation.

Inspired by the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is vast and vivid. You can find everything here, from vast coastlines to powdery beaches, and from the calm countryside to the islands that never sleep. At Anemos Tours we work with you to get your travel itinerary just right and provide you with precious memories of the Mediterranean that will last a lifetime.

A tailor-made trip will allow you to make the most of your time abroad. Whether you are traveling for a vacation or an event, or a family reunion, the delicious cuisine, lavish landscapes, and fascinating heritage and history of the Mediterranean are best discovered by a carefully planned itinerary. Start your adventure in Greece or Italy, or Spain and enjoy a custom tour with a fantastic selection of services. Anemos Tours offers an impressive selection of local guides in each country and convenient transportation throughout these popular regions. Italy and Greece vacation packages are a popular honeymoon combination.  Simply pick your European or Mediterranean destination, let us know your preferences, and you're on your way.

Explore world-renowned destinations, retrace history from Greece to Italy, Spain, Morocco to Europe, and travel your World.

We're travel advisors specializing in travel planning to the Mediterranean for the past 28 years, and we offer a free consultation to help you plan your perfect trip. During our consultation, we'll discuss your travel goals, budget, and interests. We'll then use our expertise to create a custom itinerary for you. We can also help you book flights, hotels, and activities. To book your free consultation, submit your contact info below. We'll be in touch to schedule a time to chat.

Specializing in tailor-made and unique leisure experiences and special events to the Mediterranean, we work with all properties, from 5* Castle & private manor home rentals to hotel & country or island guesthouses. Our sole focus on Mediterranean travel ensures you will enjoy the best of Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, and more, regardless of the adventure or tour you choose. Each booking is tailored to your individual preferences. Whether it is your first time visiting the destination or a special occasion: honeymoon, anniversary, friends or family trip, corporate incentive, art, cultural and historical or simply enjoying your leisure before or after your event. A custom private chauffeur tour includes one of our own highly experienced personal drivers, touring in one of our luxurious vehicles or coach, paired with the best-suited accommodations and a memorable itinerary. We can also put together a best-routed self-drive program. Or allow our knowledgeable team to create a personal and dynamic itinerary for your group’s tour.


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The Expert’s

Planning to Europe and the

Prepare for your trip to Europe and the Mediterranean with expert advice, including information about places to visit, health and safety concerns, getting around and practical tips to help you know what to expect, especially if you're a first-time visitor.


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Culinary Tours

Food & Wine Countries

Take a private food and wine trip or a small group tour based on your cooking interests.

As a team of travel experts, we are here to offer the very best food and wine tours in Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Greece Turkey, culinary tours, and cultural tours of the Mediterranean.

Sea Trekking

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Seasonal Tours
for Adventurous Souls

The best and most clever thing you can do when discovering in-depth a foreign country is to ask local people for the most interesting and beautiful "hidden treasures" that you can find there.


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