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Mediterranean Combinations

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Count on us and we will show you the art of getting around.

The journey is the reward!

Authentic Mediterranean vacation combinations are perfect for those who want their trip planned with the help of a dedicated travel agent who has expert knowledge of the land and sea routes.  All of our destination experts are from the Mediterranean and are very familiar with the region and can advise you while planning your travel itinerary.  We've planned thousands of trips to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands, Turkey, Israel, Jordan Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus, and over the years, know the territory intimately from tourist hot spots to more hidden gems off the beaten path.

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With our experts and unlimited tour possibilities all plans are possible.

In case you do not see the combination you seek in the above itineraries, then by all means send us an email with your desired locations or list of countries you like to visit together with your travel dates available.




Tours and services can be planned for your private group according to your requirements. Sightseeing and joining small group tours can also be arranged where available.