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Mediterranean Temperatures, Destinations, and Crowd Avoidance

Enjoying the Passage to Perfect Hospitality!

Where to go When


Temperatures start to rise around April and drop around October. As the table of gradual warmth is shown to ascent below so do people begin to aggregate at the islands, the coastal towns, the beaches, antiquities and other points of interest from Spain to Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean. If you would like to escape the masses you may follow the table below and if not follow your heart's desire.

The general idea is to keep to the south when the temperature is low and go north when hot.


There are few sea regions where the meeting of land and sea creates such a complex pattern of islands, inlets, gulfs and bays. The sea presses deep into the land with thousands of arms separated by the rocky spines of peninsulas.

Suggested Mediterranean destinations by month...

Average Mediterranean Temperatures

Average Mediterranean Temperatures

Miles away from Ordinary!


Embarking on a Vacation to the Mediterranean can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The contrasts between the deep blue of sea and sky, the white of limestone crags and whitewashed buildings, and the burnt-orange of tiled roofs contribute dramatically to what strikes all visitors a quality of light that is unique.


Amalfi Coast

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