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Creating a custom trip makes planning your vacation simple and personalized to visit Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Sicily, Crete, and the Mediterranean.



Simplify the Journey

Don't know where or how to go? 


This is a great place to start from. Planning your trip to Europe and the Mediterranean is what we do best. Contact us for a customized tour with all your questions, ideas, and destinations based on your travel dates, intended activities, or personal preferences. Whether you are a couple, a few individuals, or a group or association, we plan your trip as per your tailored request. 


Your very own private or tailor-made trip to the destination of your choice, the one you’ve always imagined, all planned by one team for the countries and regions of your choice. Rather than wander the islands in search of luxury, you’ll know just where to go for the perfect service and the best people watching after you.


  • Private or tailor-made trips to your dream destination, planned by one team for your chosen countries and regions.

  • Customized trips for various groups, such as weddings, family gatherings, employee incentives, and more.

  • Travel tips learned from experience, with tours by accredited guides and cultural experiences like food and wine tasting.

  • Personal itineraries for independent travelers.

  • Rental villas for a Mediterranean experience, by the week or month.



Tailor-Made Travel Experiences

Get inspired with our sample trips below. You can have any trip tailor-made for your private travel. Any number of days. Any departure date. Any experiences you want. Book your customized vacation when you are satisfied.

Colorful Boat Ride


Personalize any of these tours to your preferences. 

Plan the trip you want. 



Personalize any tour and make it your own.  

Plan the destinations you want. 



Personalize any tour to your preferences.  

Plan your trip. 

Greek Paradise


Customize any tour to your specifications.  

Plan your trip. 

Kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat, Morocco.j


Request any of these tours for your plans.  

Add the plans you want. 



Customize any tour for your dates.  

Add the plans you want. 

Request Your Customized Vacation Plans


Please tell us a bit about your trip plans in 4 sentences or less.

With our experts and unlimited tour possibilities, all plans are possible. Let us be your resource and plan the itinerary that caters to your vision of ideal Spain, Italy, Greece, or Mediterranean getaway.  Our personalized travel packages span theme-based, self-drive escapades to romantic Mediterranean getaways featuring dramatic views of sea cliffs and lush landscapes. 

In case you do not see the destinations you seek in the above itineraries, then by all means send us an email with your desired locations or a list of countries you like to visit together with your travel dates. Enjoy the best of the Mediterranean from Coast-to-Coast.




Tours and services can be planned for your private group according to your requirements. Sightseeing and joining small group tours can also be arranged where available.


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